Gert Neuhaus

Born February 21st, 1939 in Berlin / Germany

1956 - 1962:
Studies in graphics and exhibition design at University of Arts Berlin (HdK).
1962 - 1976:
Freelance work for private und federal customers and as exhibition designer as well as self-emloyed galery owner.
Since 1982:
Teaching in arts at several universities and academies in Berlin.
1976 - 2004:
Designs and completions for large fassades and murals, i.e. design for Multiplex cinemas in several german metropolis, as well as interior design in hotels, hospitals and private swimming pools in Germany and across Europe.

Currently about 45 building high murals were completed with a total of 25.000 square meters. They were always painted in long lasting, weather proof acrylic colors.

Duration of life of the paintings is about 30 years.
A mural of 500 square meters, with provided scaffolding and properly prepared surface can be completed in 4 to 6 weeks.

The master and his young team are at your disposal, when it comes to perfect solutions. Fast, original and competent.

Worldwide projects are welcome!
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